Only Young Once: The King Records Story 1962

CD 1
1.Only Young Once-Otis Williams
2.Night Train-James Brown
3.Fever-Little Willie John
4.Now Or Never-Bruce Channel
5.Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe-Bob & Lucille
6.Steel Guitar Rag-King Curtis
7.I Found You-Yvonne Fair with The James Brown Band
8.Earl Connelly King - Big Blue Diamonds
9.I Don't Care One Bit-The Ascots
10.Eleven O clock Twist-Bill Doggett
11.My Love-The Shondells
12.Sweet Lovin Mama-Johnny "Guitar" Watson
13.All Star Boy-Al Henderson
14.Until Again My Love-Little Willie John
15.My Dream-The Sharmettes
16.Queen Of The Twist-Johnny Otis
17.Over The Rainbow-The Checkers
18.(Can You) Feel It (Part 1)-James Brown
19.I'm your Taboo Man-Eugene Church
20.Mr Astronaut-The Drivers
21.Do You Know How To Twist-Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
22.Hide Away-Red Prysock
23.I'm Stepping Out Tonight-The Bobbettes
24.I Don't Know About You-Lloyd Nolan
25.Clifford Scott - Kangaroo

CD 2
1.Freddy Schaefer - Zoom Zoom Zoom
2.Shout And Shimmy-James Brown
3.Earl Connelly King - Don t Take It So Hard
4.Eugene Church - The Right Girl, The Right Time
5.Every Beat Of My Heart-Little Willie John
6.The Drivers - Dry Bones Twist
7.Little Bobby Moore - Do The Ginger Snap
8.What You Do To Me-Johnny "Guitar" Watson
9.When We Get Together-Otis Williams
10.(Darling I'll See You) Tonight-The Ascots
11.The Lemon Twist-Al Henderson
12.If I Knew-Yvonne Fair With The James Brown Band
13.Harem Girl-Red PrysocK
14.I Gotta Tell It-The Shondells
15.Lucia Martin - Big Jim
16.Hank Ballard And The Midnighters - It's Twistin' Time
17.fun fun-Lloyd Nolen
18.Three Hearts In A Tangle-James Brown
19.Mystics - The Hoppy Hop
20.She Thinks I Still Care-Little Willie John
21.Tell Me-The Sharmettes
22.Walk That twist-Clifford Scott
23.Darling, I'll Be True-The Interludes
24.My Dearest-The Bobbettes
25.The Preacher And The Bear-Eddie Smith

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